2016 USFN Diamond Service Award

Previous years: 1994-2015

The Diamond Service Award is the highest service award presented by the USFN recognizing member firms that represent the highest quality of the ideals embodied by the USFN, and symbolize the USFN's continuing commitment to quality.

2011 WHRC - Major “Dick” Winters Korean War era helmet

Wilson History & Research Center to receive Major Richard “Dick” Winters, of “Band of Brothers” fame and well-known D-Day commander of Easy Company, 506 PIR, 101st Airborne Division Korean War era helmet October 20th at 11:00am at the state capital with Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe

“Band of Brothers” fame Major Richard “Dick” Winters and well known D-Day commander of Easy Company, 506 PIR, 101st Airborne Division Korean War era helmet is being gifted by Robert Hoffman to the WHRC.

2010 Robert Wilson - Lifetime Achievement Award

Robert M. Wilson was honored by receiving the USFN Lifetime Achievement Award. This award was given to Mr. Wilson in recognition and tribute to his 32 years of practice in the legal profession, representing clients in a professional, ethical and competent manner, and 22 years of excellence as a Founding Member firm of USFN. The Lifetime Achievement Award was granted to Mr. Wilson with the respect, admiration and fond regards of his peers and fellow USFN members.

2001 USFN Founder's Award

Recognizing outstanding contributions to the development and growth of the USFN during an individual's career. Recipients have shown a deep commitment to the USFN, been instrumental in contributing to its sucess, and epitomize the character and ideals of the founders of the USFN. September 22, 2001

1998 USFN 10th Anniversary Founding Board of Directors

1996 USFN Award of Distinction

Presented to Robby Wilson for creating the USFN Retreat.

1996 USFN Emerald Award

Wilson, McCalla, Raymer, Barrett & Frappier

1994 Mortage Banker's of Arkansas President's Award

Previous years: 1993-1992, 1987-1988

In recognition of outstanding services performed to continue our association's growth and professionalism.

1994 USFN Board of Directors Service Award

Previous years: 1989-1993