Samuel High

Associate Partner
Sammy High is an Associate Partner in the Litigation Department. His primary areas of practice include defense litigation, mortgage banking litigation, family law, business/corporate law, probate and criminal law. Sammy earned his B.S. degree from the University of Central Arkansas (1998) and his J.D. from William H. Bowen School of Law (2001). He was admitted to the bar in Arkansas in 2001 and is licensed to practice before the 8th Circuit. He is also licensed to practice in Tennessee and before the 6th Circuit. Sammy is a member of the Arkansas Bar Association, the Pulaski County Bar Association and the Tennessee Bar Association.

Sammy has served on several Arkansas Bar Association subcommittees including the committees for a Modern Judiciary, Arkansas Mock Trial, and Lawyers for Literacy. He presently serves on the Law Related Education and Legal Forms committees. Sammy is a regular Continuing Legal Education speaker and presenter, and he has served as a scoring and presiding judge for the annual Arkansas State Mock Trial Competition. He was elected City Attorney for the City of Cammack Village (2014-present). He is also chairman/commissioner for Pulaski County Fire District No. 2 (2006-present).

Published cases include: Harold Ives Trucking Co. v. Pickens, 355 Ark. 407; 139 S.W.3d 471 (2003); Anderson v. CitiMortgage, Inc., 2014 Ark. App. 683 (2014).